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Thailand History and Culture

Growing up in Thailand, I was exposed to so much of the beauty, history, and culture. I would like to share some of that with you. Below you will find a unique gathering of various resources across the internet to guide you in your exploration of Thai history and culture.

Visit Thailand

Official Travel Information    Beautiful people, country and of course delicious Thai cuisine!

Thailand Wiki    Learn more at the Thailand Wikipedia page.

Thai History

Thailand Origin's    Historical view of Thailand and it's beginnings.

Thailand Culture

Thailandlife.com    An amazing story of a boy struggling to grow up in Thailand that grabbed the attention of a world audience.

Thaifolk.com    Thai folk consists of Thai social, cultural, life of living, intellectual, behavior, practical, and educational knowledge as well as cultural heredity from the past until nowadays.

Thailand Landmarks

Thai Palaces    Famous palaces of the Thai Kings.

Temple of Dawn    Watarun is one of Thailand's famous landmarks and temples.

Thailand Resources

Official Thai Government Website    Listing of Thai goverment and links to government resources.

Bangkok Today    Excellent guide to just about everything in Bangkok.

Learningthai.com    Learn to read, write, and master the Thai language.

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