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Paul Butpet, inspired by his mother growing up in Thailand.

Paul Butpet, is an entrepreneur who is building new "home cooking," based on his childhood memories in Bangkok. As the executive chef of Melanee Thai restaurant, Paul vividly remembers his mother, a vendor in Bangkok, getting up very early every morning to prepare a variety of delicious dishes and desserts to sell at the local market. At a very young age, Paul learned how to prepare ingredients, and use spices and herbs to adjust the delicate seasoning of the food. His mother passed onto Paul extensive culinary techniques and the importance of using the freshest and very best ingredients. Paul's childhood love of fresh backyard garden herbs and vegetables has inspired the most popular Thai Recipes he serves to his customers.

While Asian restaurant's prefer to use fish sauce or MSG, Paul uses vegetable stock and brown sugar to flavor the food. In his menu are his five most popular dishes. Tom Yum is both hot and sour, and is one of the main signature dishes that defines Thai flavor rich with refreshing herbs and spices. Melanee's acclaimed dish, shrimp scampi with asparagus and Hor Mok, combines a curry paste with a delicious coconut cream, fresh vegetables and fish. The Thai mousse is made to perfection inspired by Paul's mother's teachings.

Paul's garden vegetable soup contains tofu, carrots, and cabbage with a light soy sauce. The red curry takes it's name from the fierce, red chili that makes up the base of the curry paste. The key ingredients are mostly wet and fragrant. Paul learned the tricks to making excellent stir-fry from the Chinese while he was in Thailand. He tends to use light soy sauce for this dish. Paul is also acclaimed for his amazing Orange Chicken.

Since coming to the U.S with very little Paul has worked hard to make his business a success. Paul continues with his tireless efforts to serve some of the most delicious and unique Thai dishes to be found in all of Los Angeles. The mood is always just right at Melanee Thai. You can always count on, some amazing food, great down-tempo tunes, excellent service, and a very hip and smooth relaxing setting. More often than not you will see Paul, and experience some of his incredible cooking.

Stop by and come in for some delicious Thai food! Ask Paul for recommendations!

Melanee Thai Restaurant
9562 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca 90035.
Phone - (310) 273 4066
Fax - (310) 273 4268
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